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Hospital information system: Everything at a glance

We have developed a solution to your challenges that will help you achieve your goals faster and easier.

Our hospital information system controls the workflows of healthcare facilities - flexibly and efficiently. Leaner processes to free up resources for patient care and to relieve medical staff because treatment paths are optimized - this is what you achieve with our hospital information system. For over 30 years, we have been developing not only for users, but also with users. That‘s why we have a good sense for the requirements at hospitals.

The HIS can map complete treatment scenarios from initial contact to billing. It is adapted to your workflows, the interface and buttons are freely configurable according to your wishes. Depending on your requirements, it can be extended with medical modules: Therapy Planning, Bed Scheduling, OR Planning and Documentation, PDMS, Digital Patient Information, Mobile Dictation and Speech Recognition, Nursing and Medication.

Patient relationship management

Our CRM for hospitals enables professional communication with an easy-to-use tool.

  • A central data and communication channel
  • Time savings through efficient workflows
  • More revenue through lower personnel costs
  • Optimized appointment management
  • Feedback questionnaires
  • Evaluations

Manchester Triage System

The Manchester Triage System is a validated tool for assessing treatment urgency in the clinical setting. Our solution enables a quick initial assessment.
  • Webbased Solution with an Intuitive user guidance
  • safety for patients as their urgency is better assessed
  • De-escalation in the Waiting Area
  • Optimization of patient satisfaction and treatment quality
  • Optimization of the recording process

Diagnostics platform

Our solution offers an uncomplicated way for a exchange of experience and information between physicians, specialists and patients.

  • independent of location and device
  • Webbased Solution
  • Full control through secure data exchange
  • Reduces travel costs
  • facilitates clinical collaboration
  • Promoting the sharing of experiences and information among clinical professionals

GPI4BLOOD: Our solution for Blood & tissue banks

GPI becomes one of the main global players in the sector of software solutions for blood management.

Flexible, simple and secure management and traceability of all transfusion processes, breast milk and tissues, combining international experience and profound knowledge of the Italian market: The Blood & Tissue Bank is designed to offer the transfusion supply chain intelligent and proactive solutions, thanks to the adoption of innovative and easy-to-use methodologies and technologies that comply with national and international sector standards.

Automation for Pharmacies

Automated Warehouse

The automation revolution: speed, reliability, accuracy and a tailor-made design for your pharmacy.

Faster, more reliable, more flexible and tailor-made: such features make RIEDL Phasys one of the most advanced automation systems for pharmacies in this sector.

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We have deep roots, developed over 30 years of history. Skills, experiences and passions that drive our present and propel us into the future.


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