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Coronavirus Dashboard: PCS Solution Electronically Transmits Data to Epidemiological Reporting System

Digitalization in the Austrian healthcare system is making rapid progress: Everyone is certainly familiar with the electronic health record ELGA. But there is also the "Epidemiological Reporting System (EMS)", which is used in Austria to monitor infectious diseases such as COVID-19. To avoid time-consuming paperwork, GPI now offers a solution to transmit the physician report electronically to the EMS.

The "EMS" is an automation-supported, joint database of all Austrian district administrative authorities, all provincial sanitary directorates, the Ministry of Health and the Agency for Health and Food Safety for epidemiological surveillance, prevention and control of communicable diseases in humans, such as COVID-19.

It's possible to submit the reports via fax. However, this is not only time-consuming for doctors and nurses, but also brings along cumbersome processing for authorities. Therefore, hospitals are now increasingly being asked to report electronically to the EMS. Since the web portal was recently abolished due to lack of acceptance, GPI now offers a solution to effortlessly and automatically transmit physician reports as CDA-documents.

If a physician detects a notifiable disease at a patient or if he has a reasonable suspicion, he enters the required data in the hospital information system (HIS) as usual. The data is prepared by the HIS by generating a CDA-document, which is automatically transmitted to the corresponding EMS web-service with prior authentication. The sender receives feedback on successful transmission with a corresponding case ID.

  • Time and cost savings due to automated and effortless transmission as a CDA-document to the EMS web-service.
  • Complete control over the transmitted data because feedback on the patient's case can be saved.
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  • Legal basis and reporting of communicable diseases:
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