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Future Trend Telemedicine - Innovation Meets IT

E-health will revolutionize the healthcare-industry in the coming years. COVID-19 made it clear that digitalization must continue to make its way into medicine. The change in the health-sector is only partially visible, but innovative ideas are already available on the market, so nothing gets in the way of implementation.

In the future, families with their children will be able to rely on professional, loving and holistic medical care in the "Pedriatic Hospital Poznan" currently under construction. The project, which is supported by the EU, will be completed in 2021 and meets the latest standards thanks to the latest technologies and its ergonomic design. The new hospital will have a helipad, 354 beds and 9 departments to provide appropriate quality care to sick children in Poland.

In the advanced children's hospital, the medical staff is to work unrivaled time-efficiently as well as an excellent optimization of the operating costs. They will be supported by our RIEDL Phasys picking system: The medication center in the basement of the building will be equipped with a nearly 7-meter-long setup robot to reduce the internal routes of the staff. The heart of the picking system is the ingenious RIEDL Phasys gripper, whose power supply is wireless, eliminating the need for drag chains and cables. With exceptionally low power consumption, the gripper moves at a speed of 5 meters per second. The contract for RIEDL Phasys at the "Pedriatic Hospital Poznan" was signed between PCS and its partner MEDIM Spz o.o..

The pediatric hospital also relies on automatic repackaging and dispensing of personalized therapies in single doses. This provides a simplified medication workflow and promotes efficiency and traceability in care. The Deenova "D3 Series" system works hand-in-hand with our automation for pharmacies. Thus RIEDL Phasys is in best company with other innovative healthcare solutions.

  • Length: 6.7 meters
  • AIS 2 automatic storage
  • Cooling module for drugs requiring refrigeration
  • RIEDL Phasys Cleaning Module
  • Completion of construction: 2021
  • Optimization of employee routes
  • Automatic storage eliminates need for manual handling
  • Rapid delivery of medications to hospital departments
  • Better expiration date control
  • Less storage space
  • Information of the developer:
  • Visualization:
  • Deenova D3 Series - automatic repackaging of medicines:
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